Mental Toughness Interview with Niels van Hove

An Interview with Niels Van Hove of Truebridges Consulting

Listen in as Eric Tinker and Niels discuss the principles of Mental Toughness and how all of us can use these principles to improve our effectiveness and impact. 

Mental Toughness definition & origin


Tips to help high achievers reach their potential

Stream or Download the 26 min recording (38mb)

Niels Van Hove

Niels is a Supply Chain consultant and Mental Toughness coach who helps individuals and organizations be themselves at their best.

He has a proven track record of delivering results in complex business environments. He implemented supply chain and business planning transformations in over 10 countries and he combines his broad 20 years international, organizational and cross functional leadership expertise with his accredited coaching skills to help companies align and integrate their business to improve performance. He writes the blog and lives in Melbourne Australia.

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