Our services are fundamentally designed to align your team around gaps, and then close them.


Capabilities, Complexities, Cultures, Client Sizes

With a base in operational improvement, we started differentiating in Sales & Operations Planning with the founding of the firm in 2009. We now have a developed practice and market presence here. What we call this (e.g., S&OP, IBP, SIOP) is up to client preference, we build in the same best practices irrespective of the name. For clients, this we means we know what good looks like and the steps to get there for your situation. It’s not too hard to understand the basic component meetings of S&OP, but a design that supports a complex business across regions/cultures, business units, asset structures, differing value chains, variable IT capability, as well as corresponding org and P&L layers is not just the 5 meeting step flow you read about everywhere.

While our midmarket clients don’t always deal with the complexity described above, they deal with other issues that threaten S&OP success (e.g., process, org, and IT gaps). We’ll see those gaps very quickly and let you know what next steps are.

Experienced Teams

We don’t sell using senior people and then leave junior, inexperienced people to deliver the work. We work in smaller consulting teams with only highly-experienced colleagues from a mature network in the US and abroad. We build project teams for each project, no employees to staff or lay-off, no internal politics, it’s only about your project. We adapt to fit with your in-office/remote work model, but experience tells us that face-to-face remains the most effective, at least in the beginning.


Having worked across industries for many years, we offer that the differences in terminology or structure of the value chain across industries isn’t the major challenge. This is more about integrating a cross-functional team around a common set of plans, making sure the accountabilities are in the right places, and managing a set of KPIs throughout the S&OP meeting cadence. Please see our industry experience list and case studies for the many industries we’ve done this in.

See our case studies


Developed but Flexible

We tailor our baseline components of Assess, Train, Design, Pilot, Rollout, and Sustain/Improve to each engagement and scope that we design with you. We often work with clients in phases such as to course correct as necessary. We have found there are 8 Levers for S&OP PerformanceSM , and we consider these in all our projects.

The need for Assessments

We suggest that Assessments are much more than educating consultants on your business. They align teams around the gaps and produce coordinated messaging and a baseline across the organization. This is the beginning of change management. For larger organizations, we seek to ground an improvement effort in a measured ROI. For more middle market clients, we normally conduct briefer assessments that also include S&OP Readiness for those who are just implementing S&OP.

Best practices” aren’t always best for everyone

Companies have different value chains, business models, and strategies. We start with and teach best practices, then adapt them as needed for every client. Sometimes the application of best practices comes in phases too. Our case studies show different applications for S&OP, not all used the same “best practices.”

We don’t try to force a square peg into a round hole, just because somebody says it’s a best practice. We keep an open mind to fit your situation.

Process, Organization, and Enabling Technology

We usually work with clients on the items below the S&OP layer as well. These include the supporting planning processes (e.g., demand and supply planning), organization structure/development, and enabling information technology. We are often involved with IT system providers and have expertise in selecting these systems and managing these implementations. Some projects are also more in the supporting items as opposed to full S&OP.

Change Management

We believe change management is comprised of both “hard” (e.g., project and results management) as well as “soft” methods and have a developed toolkit we draw from to fit the project need, size of the business, and culture(s).

We find the highest need for change management and our related methods is in larger organizations, especially when leaders are disbursed throughout the world, have differing views on accountabilities, or are not all aligned on other things. These type of challenges are harder than whatever process or industry nuances may exist, and helping our sponsoring executive and a Steering Team through this is right in our wheelhouse.

Soft and hard techniques work together
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Focuses on benefit areas in the supply chain and using S&OP to manage
A short primer we provide to project teams

Why Nexview?

  1. Firm experience and senior teams
  2. Developed, but flexible approaches
  3. Recognized thought leadership
  4. Wide range of clients across industries
  5. Track record of measurable results

Our methods emphasize

  • Ownership with your team, not dependencies on consultants
  • Flexibility in approach to fit your situation
  • Application of best practices that fit your business
  • Quick impact, but a focus on sustainability
  • Business cases we develop with your team
  • KPI management with linkages top to bottom
  • Visibility, momentum, and accountability in your organization
  • Change management

Industry experience

  • Consumer Products
  • Chemicals
  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • High Tech
  • Energy – Upstream and Downstream
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Private Equity
  • Non-manufacturing
We tailor our baseline methodology to meet project needs
The 8 Levers for S&OP PerformanceSM
Assessments align the team around a baseline
We help clients with S&OP and the supporting processes and infrastructure
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Approach & Differentiators
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Some clients across industries, company sizes, and geographies

Contact us about guiding your process

Contact us about guiding your process

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