Our work spans five continents and 25+ years across industries with midmarket and global corporations. Projects range from assessments to design and pilot, to training & coaching, to full implementations lasting several months and producing measurable ROI.

Full implementation and major project case study examples

Most of these involved complex/global S&OP, underlying process improvement, organizational design/change, information technology improvement, and a measured benefits case. Please click each one below for the full case study.

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Waste-to-Energy Case Study

Midmarket and shorter project example summaries

Most of these were assessments, design, pilot and/or training & coaching engagements, usually with midsize clients. While we have significant experience across industries, we encourage your to look beyond your industry at the content of the projects which we suggest, will often transcend industries to a significant degree.

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Industry and ClientBusiness ChallengesScopeOutcomes

Consumer Products
Luxury Goods ($150M)

Team had partial demand planning and S&OP processes, not supported by information technology– USA, 3 BU’s
– Assessment, process design, pilot, training/coaching
– Demand Planning software selection
– Process improvement
– Demand Planning system selection completed
– $2M in benefit opportunity identified
Consumer Products
Asian Producer of Specialty Foods ($600M)
Supply chain planning process gaps resulting in excess obsolete inventory for some items and out-of-stock on others– Hong Kong and China, 3 BU’s
– Assessment and training
– S&OP, Demand Planning, Supply Planning, e-Commerce, Organization, IT
– S&OP and Supply Chain training at executive and lower levels
– Process improvement recommendations
– Benefit identification in lost sales, inventory, and distribution
Consumer Products
Household Products ($220M)
Aggressive growth and profitability targets with gaps in product development, organization, planning, procurement, distribution, and IT– US, 4 BU’s
– Assessment and project design
– E2E Supply Chain
– $4M benefits case identified in supply chain areas and a project design to achieve
Consumer Products, Automotive
Private Equity OEM Designer and Distributor ($200M)
– Weak demand planning
– Coordination across functions lacking
– Inventory / cash flow
US, Single Facility
– Rapid Assessment, training & pilot
-Process definition completeness to support ERP implementation
– S&OP readiness and planning processes
– Organization
– S&OP training
– Demand Review design and launch
– Org recommendations
– Next steps plan
Chemicals and Consumer Products
Private Equity Toller and Manufacturer ($200M)
– Process, organization, and IT gaps to support growth
– On-time-in-full and lacking other KPIs
– No S&OP and gaps in underlying processes
US, 2 BU’s
– Rapid Assessment, training, design, and roll-out
– S&OP, demand planning
– Supply planning
– Enabling IT
– S&OP training
– S&OP design and rolled-out
– Demand planning process rolled-out
– Demand planning tool selected and launched
– MTO/MTS model by SKU
Global Producer ($4B)
– Company transformation to improve infrastructure and business performance
– Gaps in supply chain planning, organization, and information systems
– Inconsistencies across geographies and business units
– Global ERP (SAP) upgrade
– Asia, North America, Europe, 4 Global BU’s
– Assessment of supply chain planning
– Design of demand and supply planning processes to support global ERP implementation
– Identified supply chain planning process gaps for each BU
– Demand and supply planning process definitions and models to support the ERP implementation
– Organization design improvements
– Plan for process improvements and the implementation of supply chain planning software
High Tech
Auto and Aerospace Advanced Materials ($150M plant of a Global Corporation)
– Unpredictable and growing lead times in MTO environment
– Many production schedule breaks, no rules
– Lack of customer segmentation
– OTIF issues, yet high inventory
– Lack of coordination across functions
-1 US plant
– S&OP
– Customer segmentation
– Production scheduling
– Warehouse ops and material flow
– 20% reductions in lead times
across product lines
– 10% improvement in OTIF
High Tech
Private Equity Manufacturer of Laser Systems ($250M)
– Multiple order-to-cash processes across regions
– Significant manual work and hand-offs
– Unclear roles & responsibilities across customer service, supply chain, and finance
– Global ERP (Oracle) upgrade
– Asia, USA, Europe, Mid-East
– Order-to-Cash process assessment and to-be process definition to support global ERP upgrade
– IT application interfaces
– Process definition/harmonization to support the ERP upgrade
– Roles & responsibility definition across functions
– Organization recommendations
– IT recommendations/structure around projects including e-commerce, document management, credit card billing)
– Management system and KPI design
Global Provider ($1B)
– Global growth without the supporting process and system infrastructure
– Global ERP (SAP) upgrade
– North America, Europe
– S&OP, demand planning, supply planning, contracted manufacturer integration, distribution & logistics
– Process development and documentation to support the ERP upgrade
– Best practice implementation path
Medical and Industrial Devices
Manufacturer ($500M)
– Massive growth brought on by the pandemic
– OTIF issues due to gaps in planning, organization, manufacturing execution, & supplier performance
– US, 3 BU’s
– Assessment, training, design, pilot
– S&OP, demand and supply planning
– Process design and launch across all BU’s
– Org design and rolls filled
– Roadmap for process and IT improvement
Medical Devices
Manufacturer ($750M)
– Growth by acquisition without much integration
– US 4 BU’s
– S&OP Readiness Assessment
– Rapid assessment
– S&OP and demand planning training
– Team trained in S&OP and demand planning to support project launch
– Improvement path defined
Medical Devices
Manufacturer ($3M)
– Start-up
– Basic infrastructure and process set-up
– US, single location
– ERP software selection
– Process definition
– ERP requirements definition
– Software selection
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