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We build our teams from a large experienced network

We have a large international network of colleagues developed over long careers that we work with to assemble teams. Our model is to build the right team for the application, which we find is better for clients because they get the right consultant. This is also better than the traditional employee model that comes with the pressure to staff who is available, or lay-off. No pyramids either, we of course have defined project accountabilities, but work as a team of peers.

Our team members
  • Have several years in consulting and/or industry, typically at the VP and Director levels
  • Have track records of large projects delivering results for clients across the world
  • Are experts in S&OP and supply chain
  • Work at all levels throughout client organizations

If this describes you, and you are interested in working with us, please contact us and we’re happy to have a conversation.

Why Nexview?
  1. Firm experience and senior teams
  2. Developed, but flexible approaches
  3. Recognized thought leadership
  4. Wide range of clients across industries
  5. Track record of measurable results
Our methods emphasize
  • Ownership with your team, not dependencies on consultants
  • Flexibility in approach to fit your situation
  • Application of best practices that fit your business
  • Quick impact, but a focus on sustainability
  • Business cases we develop with your team
  • KPI management with linkages top to bottom
  • Visibility, momentum, and accountability in your organization
  • Change management
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Contact us about guiding your process

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