Integrated Business Planning rolls up the complexity into a single set of plans for leaders to manage and make decisions from.

Integrated Business Planning for Upstream Oil & Gas

Connect strategic planning with tactical execution

We have adapted the proven Sales & Operations Planning process used pervasively in manufacturing to the very different value chain of oil & gas producers. We believe the combination of our S&OP expertise and upstream experience is a unique offering. We also have a history of applying S&OP concepts to other non-manufacturing industries.

In common are the first principles of:

  • A consistent set of plans that roll-up from the involved functional groups
  • Definition of accountabilities and management of whole by managing the components of the plan prior to the roll-up
  • Decision-making based on the numbers and what is best for the whole, as well as business cases for future options
  • Proactive management and decision-making as opposed to reacting when it’s too late
  • Integration of plans across potentially several partner companies involving equipment, services, and materials
  • Integrating budgeting and financial planning with operational planning
  • KPIs at each layer of the process that roll-up with the plans

While the above can be explained simply, the implementation of this process, the supporting meeting structure, and reports is not simple, and the associated change management in large organizations is usually the most challenging part. While large and sophisticated companies of course plan and manage their businesses, they often struggle with the items above because they aren’t integrated, are missing elements, and don’t occur on the regular IBP cadence. The mechanics of Sales & Operations Planning/Integrated Business Planning as we define it, just aren’t as well-known in the industry. Senior leadership sponsorship is essential.

Whether your situation is managing the high risk and dollar decisions faced off-shore, or the volume of wells and moving parts faced on-shore, IBP can help your team. Companies that implement IBP adjust better to changing market conditions, reduce cycle times, reduce operating expense, and accelerate cash flows.

Training is often a good place to begin

We have a mature training course specific to the industry that has been developed over many years of projects around the world. While we work training into all of our projects, sometimes an Assessment for IBP readiness and a training seminar can be a good way to start the process of adding structure and definition to your integrated planning process.

See an overview video of IBP (material from our training course)

Where IBP fits

IBP connects strategic and financial planning with the tactical processes underneath

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