Eric Tinker Interviewed by Supply Chain Trend

Eric Tinker Interviewed by Supply Chain Trend


From time to time I am fortunate to be able share some S&OP ideas through interviews and I was interviewed by the popular S&OP & supply chain blog Supply Chain Trend. My interview is actually one in a series that will share ideas of several S&OP leaders from the US and other countries.

We talk about a vision for the future, what’s required to realize my take on it, and why companies struggle to improve their processes. I convey that management teams who fail to recognize that S&OP is the platform for driving business results will probably not reach higher levels of S&OP maturity and will likely have a process that stagnates at more tactical levels.

It’s a balanced interview though and also asks about:

  • How I got started (I describe my first implementation – a little consulting know-how, self-study, and leveraging the talents of a great client team, we pulled it off!)
  • What’s missing that I see
  • What I’d recommend to practitioners who are struggling to get to the next level

If you’d like to take a look at what I said, you can check it out.

Also don’t forget to look at some of the other interviews that will be published in the coming weeks on the same site.  A lot of good info on this site in general.

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