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S&OP Meeting Effectiveness Scorecard

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The S&OP Meeting Effectiveness Scorecard is a simple tool we use with clients to measure meeting mechanics, S&OP best practices, and KPI management. We would normally tailor the scorecard to each application so you can update the items and weightings as best fits your situation. We suggest using this to track improvement over time and this tool can be integrated with a broader maturity tracking system.

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If you’d like to leave a review of the book/booklet on Amazon, we’ll send you our S&OP Best Practice Performance Arrow SM. This is a comprehensive best practice/benchmarking tool that we use during our assessments. It consists of several S&OP best practice categories and depending upon how you respond to a series of questions, the tool creates a green, yellow, red map of best practice areas.

Just use our contact form to send the link to the review and we’ll send you the tool right away.

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