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Eric’s first book, Sales & Operations Planning RESULTS, is a top seller in the category and sells every day on Amazon. S&OP Implementation Success is a shortened, but substantial pre-release of the full book in progress.



One – Select Your Team
Two – Train Your Team
Three – Conduct an Assessment
Four – Hold a Kick-off Meeting
Five – Define Your Vision
Six – Design Your Process
Seven – Run a Pilot
Eight – Enable with IT
Nine – Roll-out Across the Business
Ten – Sustain and Improve
Eleven – Lead and Manage the Change
Twelve – Hire a Consultant?


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About the Author

Eric Tinker has been delivering supply chain results for global corporations across the world for over 20 years with Nexview and larger, more well-known consulting firms. Learn Nexview’s methodology for S&OP implementation as well as Eric’s tips, tools, techniques, and traps from his experiences leading teams that have generated in excess of $500MM in documented benefits.


Meet Eric in SE Asia in early 2018

Eric will be in Singapore in March to work with a few companies during an interactive workshop that will consist of 2 days of S&OP and Demand Forecasting training, followed by 1 day of working with the participants on their processes.  See more on this unique format workshop or contact us about meeting with Eric when he is there.





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