Compare your current S&OP/planning process with best practices using this graphical tool!

best_practice_flasher55Using this simple and economical toolkit, change leaders can now leverage Nexview experience and methods that have been used to improve the S&OP capabilities of several global corporations.

Use this toolkit to:

* Launch your assessment
* Add credibility to your effort
* Measure future progress
* Do-it-yourself or with a little behind the scenes coaching from us, or more as desired

Sure – You can scour the web for disparate lists of free best practices and articles, but: 

* How will you combine the various partial lists?
* How will you gage how you should rate yourself?
* How will you get the inputs of others?
* How will you show the results?
* How will you summarize the overall results and align others around the conclusions?
* How will you prioritize what you should work on?
* How will you track your progress over time?
* How much time do you want to spend on this? 

If you’d like to avoid these “details” and get a well thought-out tool for a modest cost, please read on.

The Nexview S&OP Performance ArrowSM is a best practice benchmarking tool we use at the beginning of an assessment to get the perceptions of individuals and groups throughout the organization.  For us, it gives directional indicators that set the stage for further study and quantitative analyses that lead to a benefits case and definition of an improvement program.  We follow up with the tool during an implementation project to define a maturity and continuous improvement path.  We also use and include this tool in our training course for participants to benchmark their current process.  

The S&OP Performance ArrowSM is a nifty Excel tool that covers 27 S&OP best practices across the dimensions of  S&OP Design, Technology Capability, Content (of your S&OP process and meetings), Behaviors, and Results Management.  Each best practice has a few questions that depending upon responses, calculates a “% Implemented” value which turns each best practice green, yellow, or red to produce a visual map of strengths and development areas.  The specific questions can also be changed to fit your particular situation if desired.  

Based on how the user responds to the survey in the tool, it outputs the graphical summaries as shown below. (Sample results shown).

Screenshot 1 – Input format (User responses indicated with an “x”, questions for 1 of 27 best practice categories are shown)


Screenshot 2 – Output (Results for sample input shown)

Nexview S&OP Performance ArrowSM

Screenshot 3 – Output (Results for sample input shown)

In addition to best practices specific to S&OP (see the figure and the animated best practice graphic), the S&OP Performance ArrowSM includes areas we emphasize with clients to make S&OP the platform for continuous improvement within the company to include:

  • Organizational Alignment
  • Accountability
  • KPI and Results Management
  • Leadership Development

We are pleased to offer two versions of the toolkit:

1. Do it Yourself, Download Toolkit – $49.95 USD

You get the tool, administer the survey, and summarize the conclusions/messaging for your team.


  • The Nexview S&OP Performance ArrowSM Assessment Tool
  • Guideline to administer the assessment
  • Guildeline for next steps after you have the results

Or – sign-up for a Bronze Membership and get all of our Self Assessment Toolkits for a bundled savings.

Please read our Terms & Conditions before purchase.

2. Download Toolkit + Nexview Administered + Prepared Summary – $3000.00 USD

We work with you to administer the survey in your organization. We will administer the S&OP Best Practice ArrowSM survey online to as broad an audience as you desire.  This is how we normally do it during on-site assessments.

Here’s How it Works and What it Includes:

  • We work with you to advise you on the survey population best for your purposes
  • We work with you to draft a communication letter to launch the survey
  • Your team takes the assessment on our website
  • You get detailed and summary reports of the results
  • We advise you on how to present the results to stakeholders
  • We suggest next steps based on the results 
  • You still get the download version containing the S&OP Performance ArrowSM, so you can track improvement progress over time
  • After your purchase, we will contact you within 48 hours to begin the survey administration as described above.

Please read our Terms & Conditions before purchase.

 Upgrade to the Nexview Supported Survey from the Download Toolkit –  $2950.00 USD

Administering the survey manually with the download Excel tool can be some work for larger organizations. If you buy the download version and later decide that you’d rather have our support for the automated version, no problem, just pay the difference.

Please read our Terms & Conditions before purchase.


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