Sales & Operations Planning RESULTS


Find, Measure, and Manage Results Throughout Your Supply Chain

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Eric Tinker has been delivering supply chain results for global corporations across the world for over 25 years with Nexview and larger, more well-known consulting firms. Learn his tips, tools, techniques, and traps from his experiences leading teams to generate in excess of $500MM in documented benefits.


One – S&OP Checkpoint
Two – Types of Results
Three – Identifying and Quantifying Your Results Case
Four – The Key Components of Results Tracking
Five – Your Results Tracking Toolkit
Six – Managing Your Results and Links to S&OP

  • Ideas for where improvement opportunities are in your supply chain, potential improvement magnitudes, operational levers for achieving, tips, and traps
  • Survey data that shows where others are getting results and how much
  • Why your S&OP process and/or supply chain initiative is at risk if you don’t follow a results-driven approach 
  • Terms and methodologies that the large consulting firms use with global clients
  • The importance of conducting an assessment, the major steps, and techniques for estimating the magnitude of potential benefits
  • Methods for calculating a project return, summarizing, and presenting benefit cases to executives
  • How potential changes in business conditions can affect your results after your project is underway
  • Tools to manage definition, accountability, and results tracking
  • Techniques for change management including roles & responsibility definition and frank discussion of potential political issues 
  • Case studies from the author’s experience 

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