Part 4 of 4, Change Management Techniques for Getting Sales On-Board with Demand Planning

In this final installment of our 4 part series, we’ll take on the human element of change management. The other parts we looked at dealt with process, information technology, and organizational topics. Salespeople at all levels can be some of the most challenging for us supply chain types. It’s not that they don’t want the […]

Part 3 of 4, Org Considerations for Getting Sales On-Board with Demand Planning

In Parts 1 and 2 we looked at process and IT considerations respectively. In this segment, we’ll discuss organizational considerations that will position you to effectively engage Sales to ensure they are involved and accountable. Toward that end, I suggest the following: Clarify the roles and reporting relationship of the Demand Management function. This is […]

Are Best Practices Best for You?

“Best Practices” are the collectively agreed practices that have been shown to produce desired outcomes for a process, subject matter area, or industry. Companies, industry organizations, and consultants all have their lists (we do too, see the Nexview S&OP Performance ArrowSM). While it’s great to research this information and leverage the experience of others, best practices […]

Integrated Business Planning for Upstream Oil & Gas

To best take advantage of marketplace opportunities, some leading E&P companies are reducing their cash cycle times while improving focus on capital management and operating expenses through a process called Integrated Business Planning (IBP). While developing in upstream,  IBP is a mature cross functional planning process that has been developed over the past 30 years […]

Sales & Operations Planning/Integrated Business Planning Isn’t Just For Manufacturing Companies Anymore

The terms Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), and Integrated Business Planning (IBP) are more and more becoming interchangeable. As S&OP has evolved to encompass more than just balancing supply and demand at an aggregate or product family level, the term IBP is becoming more widely used and is perhaps better suited to non-manufacturing environments. Hopefully […]

Five Ways to Excite Your Executive Team About S&OP

We’ve all heard that S&OP is an executive process, but how do you get their interest and support? By S&OP, I mean the monthly meeting flow that coordinates demand, supply, and financial planning to operationalize a company’s strategy. This process culminates with the Executive S&OP Review that is led by the company’s or business unit’s senior executive. […]

Designing an Effective Supply Chain Organization

Corporate events such as mergers, acquisitions, restructures, and performance improvement programs often bring about a need to examine how supply chain functions should be structured. At one extreme, and still prevalent in many organizations, supply chain duties are scattered throughout the company and have evolved due to the absence of a proactive design effort combined […]

Revitalize Your S&OP Process

You vividly remember all the hard work that went into implementing your S&OP process – the training, the consensus building, the report building, the promises, or perhaps you’ve inherited something and it’s not what you envision S&OP should be. People are losing interest, or it’s just not delivering to expectations, what can you do?